Spring Weigh-In

Asked December 12, 2016, 3:25 PM EST

Is there a minimum weight for a steer at spring weigh-in? Minimum weight at fair? What is the weight at spring weigh-in wherein the steer must gain a certain amount up to fair time and how much per day?

Klamath County Oregon

1 Response

Thanks for the questions! After talking with the staff at the Klamath County Extension office, I found out that there is currently no minimum weight at the Spring weigh-in or County Fair. Body condition is assessed and if there is an issue, the 4-H member may have their animal put on a specialized plan to get them on the right track to put them in prime body condition for fair. However, there is a max weight for steers of 1050 lbs. at the Spring weigh-in. If animals are heavier than that, again, the animal will be put on a dietary plan. At County Fair, there isn't a max weight but they have animals judged in weight classes and will be judged according to their condition. This system is being revisited by the leadership in Klamath County but there aren't any changes happening currently. If you have any further questions, feel free to reply or contact the Klamath County Extension office at 541-883-7131.