fullfat soybean

Asked December 9, 2016, 7:28 PM EST

Hi,i use fullfat soybean for my poultry bird and is done through steaming to certain degree
are there implication to the birds as there are no extractor over here.
At what degree is standard for steaming soybean?
is it right to use the same formula feed for birds during cold weather and hot weather?

Common mistakes made with supplements include the following:

  • Providing vitamin and electrolyte supplements for more than 10 days
  • i saw that on the site but didn't get the point, is it discouraging the use of vitamin and electrolyte
  • birds beyond 10days?are there risk on continue use of of vitamin?
  • what are the the implication to the birds either layers or broilers

Outside United States

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You will need to adjust your formula based on consumption, as cooler birds will eat more feed. As for soybeans I have found the following:

Both moist and dry extrusion are effective in the reduction of the trypsin inhibitor and urease activities. Full fat soybeans can be moist or dry extruded to destroy over 90% of the trypsin inhibitor without damaging lysine. The degree of destruction of trypsin inhibitors is influenced by the moisture content as well as the processing time and temperature. With dry extruders the highest reduction in trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA) seems to occur at the temperature range of 150-160°C and a process moisture content of 9-11%.

Also refer to the eXtension article on this:

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