Clay soil in Glyndon, MD 21071

Asked December 8, 2016, 11:55 AM EST

Hi, We recently built a house and when excavated our soil was very orange and obviously full of clay. I want to determine if we need to allow for additional drainage at the base of our foundation and if the back fill should be something other than the clay up against our foundation. I don't need to know about my soil for gardening just for proper drainage since our basement is under grade by about 6 feet. I tried to research our soil but found it hard to find the answer as to how our soil is rated according to the unified soil classification system in the International Residential Code. I have included an image if that will help. Thanks for your help! Pam Shoemaker

Baltimore County Maryland

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The fact that you were issued a permit to build the house tells us that the site is suitable for a dwelling. A preliminary septic soil test is performed to determine the percolation rate of the soil. A clay soil is slow to drain, this can be a good thing by not allowing water to drain through it. This means that surface water can be controlled by proper grading.Your contractor has probably included a drain system to the design of the basement area and a discharging sump pump.