garden spider

Asked December 6, 2016, 12:41 PM EST

I had a beautiful garden spider this summer and she left me with 3 eggs sacs but they are located in the frame of a shed door, I kept it propped open all summer but have to close it up for the winter. Can I put the egg sacs in a shoe box or something until spring?

Myrna from Oklahoma

Cleveland County Oklahoma

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They are pretty durable. Hang them almost anywhere they get a bit of protection. Under the eve or soffit of the shed roof, in a corner of the shed, or almost any where will be fine. Moving them to a warm spot, like the shoe box and indoors, will make them hatch early. They may not survive being moved back out to the cold.

Thank you so much, during the transfer do they need to be held in an vertical position? They look like balloons and the tops are suspended right now by thick webbing when I move them the webbing will get messed up and no longer hold them. If I remove from webbing can I lay them carefully in some leaves on their sides? Wish I could send pictures she was beautiful and left like I mentioned 3 large balloon shaped sacs. and I promised her I would keep the little ones safe :)