Fowl cholera

Asked December 6, 2016, 11:01 AM EST

I am a new back yard breeder with 44 chickens in numerous coop/runs. I recently have had an outbreak of fowl cholera confirmed by CA state lab necropsy. I had to put 1 of my birds down to get the diagnosis, none of my birds have died from this. I have gotten all the sick birds better, but have found that they are all carriers now and also can get sick again. I am looking at culling my flock after I get the breeding done for the next crop since it does not go through to the egg. My question is when I cull, if the birds are healthy at the time and only carriers, can I eat the birds or do I still need to dispose of the bodies in a specific way, like burning?

Is their a test that can be done for live chickens to find out if they have or are carriers of fowl cholera? If so, what is the name and how is it done?

I have read that dogs can be carriers of fowl cholera. I have had a FC outbreak and my 2 dogs have been around my chickens, never eaten them though. Is there a way to test the dogs or disinfect the dogs so they do not infect new birds after I cull, disinfect and wait 3 months?

Santa Clara County California

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Good questions. I would suggest you contact Dr. Richard Blatchford (contact info below). He should be able to help you.

Office Phone: 530-752-8763

Thank you!