Why. Frig. Is. Throwing. Breaks

Asked December 5, 2016, 10:21 PM EST

notice. Frig. Was. Off. So. Check the. Break. Breaker. Was. Good. But. Kept. Turning. Off. So. Now. I. Have. It. Pug. Into. A. Outlit. Without. The. Breaker. Switch. And. Its. Running. Fine. Tell. Me. Whats. Really. Going. On

Riverside County California

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Your question is very hard to read and understand with all the extra punctuation. But, I think I figured it out.

A circuit breaker can weaken with age. A big refrigerator can pull enough electricity to speed the aging of the breaker. Plugging into an outlet that is on another circuit breaker that has not seen as much load may let it run.

It could be that the first breaker was hot from the load. Letting it rest may let it work again. It could be that there was just too much stuff plugged into the first circuit

In the first case the breaker may need replacing. In the second case the refrigertator may have a fault developing. Either case you need an electrician to check the issue.