Invasive plants

Asked December 3, 2016, 11:38 PM EST

We are anticipating a move soon from northeast Pennsylvania where I have gardened for almost 30 years to an area on the outskirts of Eugene. I fully expect to jump right into gardening in our new location. There are many plants I have grown fond of over the years and hope to include newly procured similar plants for our new home garden (veg. and flower). What I would like to avoid is unintentionally including any invasive plants in my selection. Do you have a list of plants that are invasive or not recommended for planting in that area of Lane Co. I realize I will be in a different growing zone and look forward to a much extended growing season just want to avoid over enthusiastic plants. Thank you for your help. Have a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Wyoming County Pennsylvania

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How exciting to move to Oregon and experience a new plant palette. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a list of invasive plants for a that area, however, Lane County has an Extension office that will definitely be able to help you. Good luck with the move.