unbalance elm tree

Asked December 3, 2016, 11:34 AM EST

A vary large limb blew off of my elm tree, leaving it badly unbalanced..The tree is about 40 years old and 3 ft. in diameter. I'm afraid that heavy trimming to balance it well leave only a few buds. Will the tree produce new bud next year like a cotton wood tree dose or is it likely that my elm tree will die?
I live in the Mojave desert.

Kern County California

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Good Morning,

While you are correct that the tree is now badly balanced. However, this does not mean that pruning off more tree is the answer. The old 'balancing' pruning idea has to be based on observed actual needs.

Your first reaction should be to get an International Society of Arboriculture trained Certified Arborist (preferably with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification as well) to come and perform an assessment of the tree. Base your decisions on what to do after you've had this done.

You can look for certified arborists on www.treesaregood.com. Near the top of the page you can click on 'Find and arborist ' and proceed from there.