some plants I'm a little worried about.

Asked December 1, 2016, 9:51 PM EST

I have a question about some plants that are growing close to where I live. There is a patch of plants that looks kind of similar to ivy that's close to my house. It is an alien species and it started growing in a small area, and I believe that it is spreading quickly. Some people grow these plants in their yards. I am worried that the plants could spread into the white clay creak preserve. I am wondering if any actions should be taken about the plant patch.

New Castle County Delaware

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I can't tell what the plants might be without seeing one. The picture is not quite enough either, to tell what the species is. If possible, could you bring a plant, with leaves, stems, flowers if there are any, and roots, in to the New Castle County Cooperative Extension office on Wyoming Road in Newark, phone, 831-2667. Please put the sample in a zip plastic bag,

We would be happy to help you if we can. Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension.