Asked November 30, 2016, 1:36 PM EST

What adjustment is made to hydroponic nutrient mix at tomato flowering stage. I'm using master blend 4-18-36, mhp gardeners mix of 12g mb,12g calcium nitrate,6g Epsom salts to 5 gallon of rain water. My flowers aren't opening just falling off, but the tomato plants look great. Do I add phosphorus & potassium for flowering stage, how much ? please help. thanks.


Cambria County Pennsylvania

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When tomato plants begin to flower, you want to reduce the lush vegetative growth and encourage the plant to begin fruiting.This can be achieved through several methods: 1.) by removing the suckers that develop in leaf axils 2.) by monitoring and maintaining a higher ec and 3.) reducing the nitrogen levels (especially if you have been using ammonium nitrogen) and increasing potassium. Here is a brief overview of the differing nutrient mixes for stages of tomato development: http://cals.arizona.edu/hydroponictomatoes/nutritio.htm.

Also, if the flowers are not being fertilized at all, this could be due to low temperature and light conditions that are preventing fertilization and fruit set, and not necessarily a specific nutrition issue.