Add Cooper sulfate diluted in toilet

Asked November 30, 2016, 9:30 AM EST

The septic company I used to clean out tank said to put diluted Cooper sulfate to the toilet. Is this ok for tree roots on top and how much do I use?

Clare County Michigan

1 Response

In checking with several experts in the field, their recommendation is not to put it in the toilet because it will settle in the bottom of the tank and probably not get out to the drain field. If you have a distribution box or a clean out valve between the tank and the field, you could add 1-2 cups there and it would dissolve and be carried in solution out to the field. After it's all dissolved, you could add another dose.

If the issue is roots in the tank, then the suggestion is to sprinkle the copper sulfate on the ground around the tank . this will kill the roots and prevent them from getting in the tank

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