Help for a science fair

Asked November 29, 2016, 5:26 PM EST

I am a sixth grade student at St. Francis of Assisi in Louisville, Kentucky Jefferson County. For my science fair project I am trying to determine any negative effects of using rain barrel water on garden soil. I am most specifically trying to determine if the common roof shingle "sheds" harmful elements into rain barrel. I justcstarted doing the background research into what products are used in the composition of shingles. What I would like to know WHERE I can bring multiple msny multiple rainwater samples to be. tested. Is there anyone who could possibly act as an advisor for me as I move forward with this science project?

Jefferson County Kentucky

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You have chosen a very interesting research project! To test the water, start with the Health Department. If they are unable to test it, you can contact Waters Ag Lab, which is a private lab. Be aware that there will probably be a cost associated with both. If you need additional help on the project, you should contact the Wayne Long, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, in our office. You can call our office at 502-569-2344 to speak with him, or you can email him at He will be able to advise you.