Plant Disease? Can I save these plants?

Asked November 28, 2016, 4:06 PM EST

Hello! At my place of work, we have two plants (see pictures) in our lobby. They were purchased from a local nursery. They now have brown nodules on them. The nodules seem to be weeping and dripping a little on to the floor. We would love to save these plants if possible. What is the issue that is going on with these plants? What is the best course of action to save them or would it make better sense to simply replace them with different plants? Thank you so very much for your help. Your office and the work you all do is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!

Richmond Virginia

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You plant does not have a disease, but it does have an infestation of a type of sucking insect called scale. They are the black nodules. They suck plant juices (which causes stippled yellowing on leaves) and then excrete a sticky substance called 'honeydew'.
While you can scrape off the ones you see, you will need to treat the plant with a granular insecticide labelled for houseplants.
You should be able to buy that at the nursery these came from. If they were bought very recently, you might even try asking them for help.