Unripe blueberries shriveling and dropping off!

Asked November 27, 2016, 8:17 PM EST

I really want some help with this. :c I bought this sunshine blueberry plant only a couple of months ago in the middle of spring. It had plump green fruit all over it. I've been keeping the soil most and it's had sun for about half of most days, but where I live it's overcast on many days. It's currently warm but not hot.

So, the plant itself looks green and healthy, but the fruit is going wrinkly and dropping off (not the whole green fruit, just tiny purple things). There's lots of little dry purple crown things that have dropped onto the soil. I'm disappointed that I probably won't be enjoying any homegrown blueberries this summer. :c Any advice would be very much appreciated. NOTE: It lives outside on the patio, I just brought it in to photograph and do some research.

Outside United States

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Based your description, I believe it's un pollenated flowers that you see falling off. Even though blueberry flowers bloom for quite a while the individual flowers are only susceptible for fertilization less than three days. You mentioned that it has been very overcast where you live. The may be reducing bee activity.

This is a link to a good article about blueberry pollination.


It looks like your plant as a pretty good fruit load for its size. I would repot in a larger container post harvest. You should consider something in the 5 gal (19 liter) size.

Thank you, I will repot.