vaporizer humidifier with a wick that hardens & crystalizes (presumably due to hard water)

Asked November 27, 2016, 6:54 PM EST

Dear Cooperative Extension Expert, Would adding vinegar to a (2 1/2 gal.) room vaporizer humidifier help to minimize crystalline build-up on the spongy wick that soaks up water for evaporation? I have been using a "Water & Scale Treatment" by RPS Products BestAir that advertises "preventing calcium & lime buildup", but it does not seem to be effective for keeping the portion of the wick that is out of the water from hardening. Thank you for your help.

Frederick County Maryland

2 Responses

As the water evaporates the minerals have to deposit somewhere so I doubt that adding anything to the water is going to help. You might consider buying distilled water to fill the vaporizer - or the cheaper solution might be to collect rain water to fill the vaporizer. Back in the day my mother used to collect rain water to wash her hair - it worked much better than our very hard well water.

Thank you. I guess the only thing I can try is to clean out the 'mineralized' filter, maybe with vinegar. - Gerry B.