establishing my microclover lawn

Asked November 26, 2016, 3:07 PM EST

I planted a microclover lawn in late sept. It is coming op nicely now with the exception of some weeds and grasses. I am told That I can get herbicides that will be grass and weed selective and not harm the clover. Is this true ? If so should I apply them now or wait until spring ? How will the microclover hold up during the summer heat ? Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated'

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Marion County Florida lawns and turf microclover

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You can get herbicides that are grass and grass-type-weed selective, but there are no herbicides that will kill everything except your clover. You will want to look for herbicides that indicate they kill annual and perennial grasses. You may also have sedges coming up as weeds, and those can be killed with herbicides that are specific for sedges (such as Sedge-hammer). Do not aply anything that you would apply to keep a lawn weed-free, as those will kill your clover and leave the grass weeds to survive. Herbicides are applied before seed emergence and after the seeds have already germinated. You can apply the post-emergence ones now, and save the pre-emergence for the spring (around the same time you might apply crabgrass control).
You may encounter some disease issues and heat/drought -related dormancy in the summer in Marion County. Irrigate carefully. There is some information about microclover from up north here: