I live in a singlefamilyhouse in Bethesda and have neighbors with trees and their trees shed alot

Asked November 25, 2016, 4:12 PM EST

How critical is it for me to remove leaves from my lawn in Bethesda? I have neighbors with many trees & their leaves blow into my grass/lawn. Thanks

Montgomery County Maryland

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Save yourself the time and effort of raking, blowing and picking up leaves this fall. Leaves are a very valuable source of organic matter to improve the soil in a lawn and garden. Leaves that fall onto the lawn can be shredded with a lawnmower and left to decompose naturally on the lawn. These mulched leaves can be left in place if they don’t exceed 1 inch in depth. However, deep piles of leaves that are not removed for several days may smother and kill the lawn. If you don’t want to mulch them in place on your lawn use a grass catcher to collect leaves and then use them in the compost pile or to winter-mulch beds.