diy grading

Asked November 25, 2016, 10:32 AM EST

My house is in need of grading on two sides. The ground is level next to the house so water does not naturally go into the squall which exists between mine and my neighbor's home. I understand that each foot away from the house should be an inch higher thus four feet from the house should have a 4 inch starting slope from the wall of the house. I want to DIY this by simply buying soil and using garden tools to create the slope. Does this seem reasonable or should I hire a professional landscaper. If I diy the basic grading is it just creating a slope by adding soil or should I do more like add plastic between the soil to create that downsloping effect. Thanks

Montgomery County Maryland

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Look at the attached publications for information on 'Inadequate Grading'.
It is recommended to Place earth around the house so that it slopes away from the foundation wall a minimum of one inch per foot for at least six feet is usually adequate. We are not drainage experts and cannot comment on the plastic. If you need more information, you may need to hire a professional landscaper for a site visit and the best way to proceed.
You can also try contacting Soil Conservation in your county for more information