Sterilized soil for wildflower sowing

Asked November 22, 2016, 4:21 PM EST

I've prepared a large bed (about 500 sf) for sowing wildflower seed next spring. My plan is to avoid tilling, to prevent turning up dormant weed seeds. Then I would mix the seed into a sterile soil product, broadcast that, and cover it with light straw mulch. Questions: 1. Where can I find sterile soil medium? 2. Is pasteurized mushroom compost a reasonable option? Where can I buy that in bulk? 3. Is this plan reasonable? Thanks! Don B.

Caroline County Maryland

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Two products considered sterile and used as a carrier for distributing small seeds are sand and kitty litter. Sterile potting soil can also be used. The mushroom soil can be used as a soil amendment and will help maintain sufficient moisture for seed establishment.Bagged compro will also serve the same purpose and readily available at the box stores.Weeds are going to be the biggest concern. you may want to consider pre-treating the area with glyphosate ( round up) before planting. Included is a publication for establishing a wildflower meadow.