shrub rose winter care

Asked November 22, 2016, 12:21 PM EST

I have three large shrub roses that still have all their leaves on. I would like to cut them back and put chicken wire around them and fill that with leaves. I did that last year and they wintered beautifully but the leaves were all gone. I live in Renville County about 100 miles west of the Twin Cities and we have some snow cover. I would like to get them ready for winter before we head south. Do I need to wait until the leaves have fallen to do so?

Renville County Minnesota

1 Response

As soon as the ground freezes the shrub roses can be mulched. In the Twin Cities the ground is already frozen for the firs couple of inches so it is probably a good time to mulch your shrubs. The leaves are going to die regardless, so if they get a little moldy I doubt it will do any harm. I don't think there is much risk in mulching now. I mulched mine yesterday.