Replace large tree

Asked November 22, 2016, 2:36 AM EST

I have lot which is ess shaped approx.40' long It is12'wide at one end, And 20'at the other end and is 16 feet in the middle. The builder had planted a live oak at both ends And the roots were causing much trouble after 10 years.The HOA say I have to plant a single trunk primary tree at least 30 gallons and 10 ' tall. The options are: Live oak, Red Maple,Mexican White oak(Monterrey) white Oak, Bald Cypress(Montezuma) Anacua(Ehretia Anacua) i would prefer a small flowering tree or none at all. I am under some time constraints so a speedy reply would be. Appreciated

Fort Bend County Texas

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A vitex, Vitex agnus-castus, could meet the requirement. One of the small magnolias like 'Little Gem',

Call the Fort Bend County Master Gardener help desk at 281-341-7068

Good web site to look through