Mildew/fungus under house

Asked November 21, 2016, 2:56 PM EST

I live in a 1970 something manufactured home, last fall I discovered I had a moisture issue on top of the vapor barrier. There is approximately 4 inches of gravel on top of the vapor barrier, on the top surface of all of the crushed rock was a white dusting. The most important part of this story is that I was very sick for the most of a year, respiratory and sinus issues and allergic symptoms. I resolved the moisture issue, and removed 95% of the effected rock. Can you be of some service to help me identify this substance ? My health symptoms are greatly improved but I still have lingering asthma symptoms and I seem to be at a dead end with the medical doctors. I feel that if I can identify this substance I can move forward with remediation. I can bring you a sample, send one, takes photos? Thanks , Gary McDonald

Lane County Oregon mildew and mold control

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Extension services do not offer testing services. From what you have described, it does sound like a mold or mildew issue. It also sounds like you have done all of the recommended steps by resolving the moisture issue and removing any effected rock/material.

Regarding mold, we don't advise testing for mold. Instead, if you can smell or see mold, the answer is always, remove the mold. The type of mold is not as important as removing the mold.

If you are worried about mold returning, I would check the relative humidity of the house and beneath the house. If the relative humidity is above 50% this can indicate a greater chance of mold growing. These gauges can be found at various home improvement stores.

Here is a link to more information if it is helpful: