What kind of mushroom is this?

Asked November 21, 2016, 2:44 PM EST

What kind of mushroom is this? Found popping up in our driveway, coming through gravel at edge of mowed field and in location of a former conifer tree that blew down in the 60's. Looks like... a dog you-know-what. Is it poisonous? Is it edible? What is its job? Thanks for your help!

Marion County Oregon

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I need to see the underside. Does it have gills or pores? If you cut it in half, is it full of powdery spores? I can't say for sure what it is until i know those things, so please send photos. Also, it is best not to have mushrooms or related fungi where a dog might eat them: we don't know that much about what mushrooms are poisonous to dogs.

Thank you for getting back with me! See attached 2 photos taken 5 days later - after a lot of rain. Pretty spongey/fleshy inside. Looking forward to your thoughts. And thank you for the advice re: dogs and mushrooms.

This is likely Pisolithus tinctorius. Often known as "dead man's foot."