Planting hostas now

Asked November 20, 2016, 4:57 PM EST

Greetings. I dug up several clumps of overgrown hostas in late September and only now do I have a bed ready to plant them in. They're not in the best shape (they have been in a box in clumps of soil and I have watered them somewhat) and I'm wondering if I can still plant them, now that the temp is about 30 degrees. I would just put them in the ground as they are and split them apart next spring as I had intended to do this fall. Anyhow, I"m wondering if it would be better to put them in my basement over the winter or stick them in the ground and cover them with mulch. If I keep them inside, how best to do that? We have a cooler, cellar type room that is about 45-50 degrees depending upon how cold the winter is. Thanks for your help!

Pope County Minnesota

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Plant them now and protect the crowns with a cover of straw, marsh hay or leaves. The outcome will be uncertain but this is the best option.

This western New York information also applies to Minnesota.