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Asked November 19, 2016, 5:14 PM EST

I recently adopted a 17.1 Retired KY Derby OTTB Gelding, and from the rescue center (he was so skinny when I adopted him now he's almost back to full weight in 4 months) he came from said that he was trained ( which I figured from being a racehorse) but he has a slight problem, every time I try to introduce him to the saddle blanket (western) he kind of snarls, also when I bare back him he does not listen to any basic commands and actually doesn't ride well, (cant go 5 ft without him wanting me off his back). He hasn't kicked or bite myself or my husband. My question is what am I doing wrong? He does this for my husband also. ( He does not have a bit) Should I try with a bit to see if he will follow my requests? (He's not submissive and was abused by a previous owner that adopted him before me and was returned to the same rescue center) Is he still trying to cope with having owners that actually treat him amazing? or am I just dumb and not doing it right?

***Please be respectful about this I am just looking for answers and advice***

Montgomery County Tennessee

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Hello, and thank you for your question. With an OTTB, it's hard to know just what kind of training he previously had. I would start him from the ground up, and treat him as if he had no previous training. If you are able to, seek the help of a trainer. They can be so helpful in unlocking your horse's potential and ensuring you enjoy your new horse. If you are unable to hire a trainer, there is a large amount of information out there from professional clinicians. Find a professional that you understand and that works for you. Each of them have their own kind of style and teaching philosophy. Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, Pat Parelli, and many others have lessons you can purchase for your use at home. I hope that this helps you and that you enjoy your new horse. Please feel free to contact me again if you have any further questions.