Strange unknown flower

Asked November 18, 2016, 3:09 PM EST

Does anyone know what kind of flower this is. 8 black narrow, fluted petals, with bright yellow florets in the center. Sorry I don't have leaves or roots to show that might be of help. I've searched every flower family, variety, and I've asked a lot of people. You are my last hope.
Thanks, Marianne

Marion County Oregon plant identification horticulture

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Thanks for your question. Any way you can take a picture of the flower's leafs as well? I'm not having any better luck than you, but there is a flower id website that requests leaf shape and arrangement on the stem that might work. Is this a wild flower, or did you purchase it? In Marion County?


I put this up on a plant ID site, and two responders agreed with me that it is a dahlia. One of them pointed me to this website that sells the veronnes obsidian:

Hope this is helpful.

This was very helpful, thank you very much. A friend in Arizona sent me the photo hoping I could ID the flower. Nurseries and experts were stumped. Maybe it's a new variety.
Thanks again, Marianne

I posted this on the Facebook plant ID page. It got over 47 likes! You must have an extraordinary plant!