How many seeds

Asked November 16, 2016, 11:37 PM EST

I need some help calculating how much seed I would need to plant the following vegetables, each in a 384 sq/ft area:

Carrots (384 sq/ft)
Beets (384 sq/ft)
Spinach (384 sq/ft)
Radish (384 sq/ft)
Onion (384 sq/ft)
Tomato (384 sq/ft)

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Thanks for your question. I am sending you a link to a chart which indicates how many plants and/or seeds should be planted per square foot. Take the number of seeds per square feet and multiply by 384, and it will give you the number of seeds you need. Remember, however, that many seed packets will not have 100% germination (often that rate is given on the back of the seed packet.) So, you may have to plant more than one seed per hole, and thin them when they develop their seed leaves.

Of your group, only tomatoes (in the right column) need more room than a square foot (if caged or no support), so if staked only, you will need 384 seeds.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!