weeping willow leaves have black spots

Asked November 16, 2016, 4:15 PM EST

i planted a weeping willow 1year and seven months ago.. it seemed to do really good last summer until this year..i have noticed black spots on leaves and some branches seem to me dying..It also has almost lost all its leaves,, What can i do to save this tree? It means alot to our famliy.

Fayette County Alabama

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Good Morning,

Unfortunately, willow trees are susceptible to an unusually large number of foliage blights and stem canker diseases.

Your options are fairly limited. All the foliar diseases are dependent on reinfection by spores released from dropped foliage. Keep the fallen leaves cleaned up completely and dispose of off-site.

The dead branches could be related to the foliar disease or any of a number of canker diseases. For this, using clean sharp by-pass pruners, prune back to a side branch or to the branch collar where this is clean living tissue. If your pruners cut through diseased wood (i.e. dead, brown, etc.), clean the pruners with a 10% bleach solution before making another cut.

Treatments are limited. While there are fungicides that can combat several of these diseases, an accurate identification of the disease needs to be made to decide which would be helpful, and legal to use.

To get an identification done for you, bring some samples of leaves and stems to your county extension office at:

Fayette County Cooperative Extension
650 McConnell Loop
Fayette, AL 35555
Phone: (205) 932-8941