Sick pig

Asked November 16, 2016, 10:52 AM EST

I have a pig that is really skinny and I separated him and another small pig form the rest because I was concerned he wasn't getting enough food so now he has lots and the other pig I separated is doing really well. I gave him 2 shots of long acting penicillin about 3 weeks apart he seems to be loosing weight so I gave him a shot of dewormer and seems to be still losing weight but he is eating and drinking still have no idea what's causing this??? any ideas He is really skinny now

Outside United States swine

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There are several possible causes for the problem described. You have correctly identified some possible causes and addressed them:
1. Fighting and competition. Separating the pig would fix this, as it did for one of the two pigs described. Separating a poor-doing pig is always a good idea to prevent spread of infection to pen-mates.
2. Parasites: Dewormer would fix this.
3. Bacterial infection: Antibiotics would fix this.
4. Viral infection: None of the actions taken can help. Since drugs are not available to treat viral infections in swine, tender loving care is the best option to help the pig recover, if possible. Even if the pig overcomes the virus, there may be permanent gut or lung damage. That kind of damage is consistent with your description of a pig that eats and drinks, but does not gain weight. Unfortunately, there is not an effective fix for this.