Curing sweet potatoes

Asked November 15, 2016, 1:49 PM EST

I harvested my sweet potatoes at the end of October and tried curing them for storage using the information on the Southern Exposure web site. I pretty much followed the instructions by storing them in a lidded plastic container with a bowl of water to provide humidity and put the container on a seed starting mat to provide heat. The only thing I did different was to leave them for close to 3 weeks instead of the recommended 7 - 10 days (we were out of town). When I checked them, a bunch of them had sprouted leaves. I have two questions: Was the sprouting caused by leaving them in that environment for too long? If I remove the sprouts, will the potatoes still be good and keep in storage? Thanks.

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The prolonged period in moist conditions almost certainly contributed to the sprouting. Having sprouted will reduce the shelf life, but we cannot say by how much. It will depend on cultivar and many other factors. One possibility would be to cook the potatoes, mash or cube them and put them in the freezer. vw

Thank you. The variety was all-purple, originally purchased from Southern Exposure. I plan to remove the sprouts and store them in a cool basement. I will hope that they will keep for a few months.

It is impossible to say how long your sweet potatoes will last in your basement. Good luck. vw