bugs on apple and asian pear trees

Asked November 13, 2016, 1:15 PM EST

We had a few "earwig like" bugs on our apples this year. They were about 1/2 inch long with pinchers, very quick and even hard to kill manually. We also had black wasp like bugs on our asian pear tree. I sprayed both trees with Malathion, but didn't seem to effect either bug. Any suggestions on a better bug treatment for next year? We live in Montrose, Co.
Jim Bond

Montrose County Colorado fruit trees ipm

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Thanks for your fruit tree question. It's difficult for us to tell you what insect(s) you had without a picture. (Maine lists earwigs as being harmful to peach, nectarine and apricot trees, but not apple trees.) But, in answer to your specific question, here's a link to a Colorado Extension publication on insecticidal controls on your 2 types of fruit trees.

Hope it's helpful!