royal poinciana tree not green enough

Asked November 11, 2016, 12:52 PM EST

my royal Poinciana tree does not seem to be the dark green it should be. I planted it from a seedling gradually putting into larger pots. This spring it was planted outside and is now about 3' tall. some of the branches turn yellow and fall off. this tree is very special as I planted it for my sister who just passed away. It was her favorite tree and I do not want to loose it. It has taken 3 years to get to this point. Thank you, Janice Paestella

Sarasota County Florida

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An image of the tree would help. This tree is known to have weak wood: limbs are susceptible to breakage. How often is it watered? Fertilized? How deep was it planted? Was it root-bound when planted? Where are you located (this is definitely a tropical tree and does not like the cold)? Is it in full sun?
During the first several years, it will need plenty of water, especially during periods of drought. It will need full sun and care must be taken around the roots and over the rootball - this tree has a lot of surface roots. You can read more about this tree here: