Sewing Grass on a Ditch Bank

Asked November 10, 2016, 7:09 PM EST

I recently had the ditch in front of my house graded to fix an erosion problem. I want to plant some grass seed a combination of fescue 73% and annual rye 27%. Then cover with erosion blankets. Only concern is that it is already November 10. Don't want it to wash out over winter, but don't want the expense of sod. Would I be wasting time seeding this late in fall?

Christian County Kentucky

1 Response

We are well past the window for sowing grass seed this year, however the temperatures are such that late seeding would have been possible this year and may still be. It all depends on how much longer temperatures will remain mild. The long range forecast looks good and I would probably still try to seed on one condition, that you are willing to overseed next year for any seedlings that don't survive the winter. That would still be a cheaper option than sod and would help to stabilize your bank.

Another thought, annual ryegrass tends to be more invasive in our area. We generally recommend perennial ryegrass instead. It sets less seed than annual rye and will die out when the temps get hot next summer.

One more alternative for your situation would be to sow only perennial ryegrass. It comes up in about 7 days and would do great at holding the soil until next summer when you could reseed with tall fescue.