bug/spider bites

Asked November 10, 2016, 11:45 AM EST

I have been waking up almost every night scratching. I cannot figure out where or how I am getting bit! I have one, two, or three bites sometimes in the same area like on my cheek, back or arms/hands. My husband is not getting bit. This bite numbs from the inside as well. It sort of burns internally. I love to be outside but I am not everyday. I took one bendryl to try and sleep but I sure do not want to do that everynight, This has been going on for months. I have a garden, thought that was it. That is now gone for the year. Any thoughts? ps. taking my bed apart again today. I would like to SPRAY the doors or floor board..... I just don't want to breathe insecticide. My house is in the trees but I keep it very clean. Thank you for your thoughts.

Multnomah County Oregon insect issues

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A couple of things might be causing this. Indoors there's a group of mites that normally live in the nests of birds or rodents. When these nests are abandoned the mites can sometimes enter homes that are associated with the nests. The best option in this case is to locate and remove the nest then general cleaning is enough to get rid of the mites. Outside in gardens there are a number of predator mites that can bite and leave a red itchy "bite". The locations of your bites suggests that you may be encountering these mites while working outside. There's really no solution to these mites other than not working in the garden. For example, my wife, an avid gardener, get these bites from time to time as well. Very red, very itchy but otherwise harmless.

Well, thank you very much for this information. I have not thought about a MITE. Is there a SPRAY I can use maybe around my sliding door in the bedroom that would kill mites? I will ask and look at Home Depot or garden shop like 7 D's. Thank you again.

If you are thinking about one of the nest (bird/rodent) mites the first thing is to locate and remove the nest. Then general cleaning is all that is needed.

So would I be looking for a "regular" nest like in a bush or something? Just wondering what I am looking for! I have been doing DEEP cleaning in the house but I haven't exactly gone outside to check the bushes. I will check them tomorrow. hummm.

Mites don't fly so it would be a nest in direct contact with the house, if indeed it is nest mites that are causing the problem. Rodent nests can be inside walls or in the crawlspace. Bird nests can be in the eves or on a tree that is, for example, touching the house with overhanging branches.

Ok, More new information! I certainly didn't know that mites do not fly! I have a compost bin next to our house. I put my clean compost out there about every 2 days. I have millions of worms, it smells good and gets quite hot during the summer. Thoughts on picking up mites from my compost bin?? Today, I rubbed "Tiger Balm" from Thailand on my back and hands. The internal burning and discomfort went away! It is the best relief I have felt in many months. We are making progress and I thank you VERY much! all fingers crossed for a peaceful nights sleep.

Dear Jack! I believe I (we) solved my bug bite problem!!! We have BED BUGS. I never imagined... I took my entire bed apart this morning and I baged about 15 LIVE bed bugs and lots of dead depris. Unbelievable... We have been traveling quite a bit so that is not all that surprising. We plan to spray tonight and sleep on different floor. We took our bed to the garage and bought a brand new bed this afternoon to be delivered in a couple of days after we get everything cleaned up. I am very very happy and I believe the problem is taken care of. You have been a huge help. Thank you very very much. CHEERS to a good night of sleep.