Red Maple Tree Rot

Asked November 9, 2016, 2:42 PM EST

I have a 23 year old red maple tree. About 15 years ago, one of it's limbs broke off, due to heavy winds.. I sealed it with pruning spray, and in time the surrounding bark healed. This year, the tree has developed a soft spot where the limb broke off years ago. I put my hand into this cavity and it is filled with mushy tree fibers. Is there anything I can do to save this beautiful tree? Should I clean out the mushy fibers, seal the wound and fill in the hole with a non toxic tar like material? If so, what would you recommend I use. Thank You, Ted R. King. See attached images

Washington County Minnesota red maple horticulture damaged trunk

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The affected trunk isn't viable in the long run and should be removed. We advise asking a certified arborist to assess the tree's health onsite and recommend a course of action. Its multiple stems compromise its stability so It may or may not be possible to save the rest of the tree and improve its form.

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