Dry land pasture restoration

Asked November 8, 2016, 11:44 AM EST

I would like to begin the process of restoring an over-grazed, 15 acre dry-land pasture in the Big Horn basin (near Cody). There are a variety of native grasses, but of concern is cheatgrass (moderate infestation), kochia, lambsquarters, mustard, thistle (mostly russian but also canada) and some dandelion. I'm thinking of applying Plateau in late August/early September 2017 to address the cheatgrass. What other herbicides should I be considering in 2017 for Spring application (and/or mixed with Plateau in the Fall) to control the weeds? I'm hoping to encourage growth of the existing native grasses, then to withhold spraying in 2018 and drill native grass seed in the Fall of that year if weed and cheatgrass control (or suppression) has been successful. Is this a good approach to restoration, or would you recommend another?

Park County Wyoming

1 Response

Plateau has proven to be one of the most effective fall application controls for cheatgrass. Please contact the Park County Weed and Pest District for both herbicide guidance and a cost-share on herbicide. That in combination with other herbicides such as Milestone are common. You might consider having your local UW Extension office contact Mae Smith, your local UW Area Educator for Rangelands to provide site specific assistance. You can reach Mae at (307)765-2868. Please email me at Scotton1@uwyo.edu if you're would like additional information.