Need to know make and year of tractor

Asked November 8, 2016, 11:22 AM EST

I just got an IH tractor and am having a hard time trying to figure out the year and make.

The IH is marked as 404 , but the (model number on the tractor doesn't seem to match)

model number on tractor looks home made and reads: 2940 J-DD-EE

Montcalm County Michigan

1 Response

The best thing to do is go online and search on "International Harvester Tractor 404." When I did that, a number of sites were available to look at. One indicated that this model was manufactured between 1961 and 1968.

If the information cannot be found on any of these sites, choose one that sells parts for antique tractors and contact them. They should have books available to help you solve this. Since they supply replacement parts, they have the IH material.