Duration of Pennington Quick-Lime bermuda lawn application over winter ?

Asked November 8, 2016, 10:29 AM EST

TWO Part Question:
(1) Am I wasting application over winter to have any PH benefits degrade by spring ?

(2) My Clemson Extn. soil analysis advised the use of 'dolomite' at 90 lbs/1000 sq ft. to improve on a Ph of 5.3. Advisory also cautions a maximum of 50 lbs. in a single application. When using 'Quick Lime', which requires only 1/5 th of the quantity of the dolomite, over this Ph range ; should I assume the same reduced ratio of 50/90 ?

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4 Responses

(1) No. At a pH of 5.3 you will want to apply the lime as soon as possible to raise the pH and improve the performance of the grass.

(2) Quick lime will react more quickly than regular lime, but the pH of the soil will also drop back more quickly than for a lime material that contains a mixture of fine and coarse particles. We generally say you will see the maximum benefit from a regular lime within 3 years, whereas the Quick Lime benefit will only be for the first year before the soil pH begins to return to where you started. I would not cut the rate back any further than the 1/5 of dolomite. Does your soil test also call for magnesium to be applied? If so, I would guess the Quick Lime does not contain magnesium whereas dolomite does. I would retest your lawn in 2 years to see if you need to add more lime. If you have additional questions you can email me at dahl@msu.edu.

thanhk You. I will therefore apply full amounts required and probably follow up with dolomite; if my spring samples show high enough Ph.

Dolomite is a liming material that contains both calcium and magnesium. I would not apply both at this time, just one or the other depending on if your magnesium soil test level is sufficient.

YES, my soil analysis did show sufficient magnesium. Thank You