Celosia cristata seeds

Asked November 7, 2016, 1:34 PM EST

Hi! I just bought Celosia cristata seeds. They are my absolute favorite flower, and I was wondering if I could grow the seeds indoors, under a light. (We live in Maryland, and the winter is slowly creeping up) If yes, can I turn the seedlings/small plants into a houseplant? Would I need the grow light for that or could I simply place them by a bright window? I'd love to have these beautiful flowers year round, but am not sure if that's possible. Please advise. Thanks so much!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Loving flowers ourselves, we totally understand your wish to grow celosia as a houseplant from seed.
Unfortunately, it is not really a viable alternative. They are summer annual plants.
You might be able to take a mature plant from the garden and pot it up and enjoy it for a while indoors but you would need strong tube lighting close to the plant for many hours each day. The plant might survive, but not thrive and wouldn't continue flowering.
Hold on to those seeds and dream of how pretty your garden will be next year.
If you really want indoor blooms and have a very bright window, some plants can be brought in and wintered over like geraniums, hibiscus, begonias and mandevillas. Others often bought and grown indoors in the dreary days of winter are cyclamen (many colors available), amaryllis and kalanchoe.