Alocasia Pruning

Asked November 7, 2016, 12:56 PM EST

I purchased this Alocasia hybrid plant at the end of August, and it seems to be thriving. New shoots have grown and it appears happy. My question was what I should do about the heavier leaves that end up laying against the pot and then the floor. Is that ok and should I just leave them (they appear healthy otherwise) or would it be best to prune them off? I have two at the moment. The plant is in good soil with drainage, gets a nice amount of light and is kept moist. Any advice on what to do with the falling leaves would be extremely helpful. Thanks so much. Shari

Baltimore County Maryland

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Your plant does look happy.
The bending leaves are normal. You can either leave them alone, or buy/make a support for them. It could be as simple as putting two or three sticks into the soil and tying string to each. There is green tape available at craft stores and nurseries. There are also round wire 'halo'-like supports that can be made (out of like coat hangers) or bought.