Is it too late to transplant Spiraea shrubs?

Asked November 7, 2016, 11:56 AM EST

I live in Stacy, MN -- sandy soil -- well drained -- little nitrogen I wanted to split two large Spiraea shrubs. Make four out of two existing. Is it too late in the fall to transplant?

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3 Responses

It is too late to transplant a shrub his year because it is unlikely it will have enough time to develop new roots. This fall cut down as deeply as you can in a semi circle along the line you plan to cut to transplant it next spring. Doing so will give a it a chance to develop new root hairs along half of the root ball. This will greatly improve its recovery from dividing and transplanting.

Thanks for your good advice.

I'll follow your suggestion to improve chances of success next spring...

Good luck, I have had very good results doing the extra preparation.