Asked November 7, 2016, 11:39 AM EST

Our pastures in Driftwood, TX (about 12 acres of our total 26 acres of land) were filled with burr grass this year. The burrs are painful both to our dogs and us! Are there any native Texas grasses that we can plant to help control the burr grass? We are trying to restore the pastures after having sold the black buck antelope and sheep that were on the property when we bought it. Thanks for any guidance you can give.

Hays County Texas

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Planting grass doesn't not lessen the number of grass burs. If you have burrs there is an underlying issue...more than likely soil fertility. Grass burrs are opportunistic plants....they thrive where most plants can....low fertility, thin, weak stands of grass. I would advice working with your County Extension agent to see if you have enough grass out there now to work with - and probably get on a herbicide treatment for the burrs.
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