Used treated seed bags

Asked November 7, 2016, 10:46 AM EST

Hello. I'd like to know if USA or individual states have some specific policy or a public program that states how farmers, seed companies, etc, must deal with used treated seed bags. What farmers must do with the bags after they have planted the seeds? To return the bags to the places where they bougth them? To burn or bury the bags? Are the bags recycled in some way? I made some research at seed companies websites and I read some brochures but the only information I got was: "Properly dispose of seed packaging/containers in accordance with state and local regulations and container return policy.". So I think there is a return policy concerning this materials. Could you give me some directions of where I can find more information about this subject? Thank you, Giuliano Zagonel

Outside United States

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Hi Giuliano,

To my knowledge, there is no national policy that states how to deal with used treated seed bags. States differ in how they regulate disposing of pesticides - some states have stricter policies than others (e.g., some states don't allow burning of empty pesticide containers).

Also, some companies request the return of large totes used for bulk seed, but most don't allow the return of empty treated seed bags.

Canada offers seed bag collections (

For more information on disposing of seed treatment containers, I suggest contacting The American Seed Trade Association (, Croplife America (, or their joint effort, The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship (