Asked November 6, 2016, 4:55 PM EST

I rescued my female lion head a few months ago. We get along very well and shes normally very excited to see me when I get home from work. She has free range of my room at all times so she has plenty of space which is what keeps her content. I work at a high quality pet store and I was holding a male rabbit that was brought in by a customer earlier on today. When I got home, by bunny hopped up onto my bed and was sniffing me as usual. I went to get her treats and she got very excited as usual, only her excitement quickly turned into the first time I've ever heard her grunt and then she proceeded to bite my finger very hard. I screamed ow! And ran out of the room because she was actually freaking me out (any bunny owner knows how fast they can be). I changed out of my work clothes and went back into my room and put her in her cage. Do you think the smell of the male rabbit is what caused this?

Middlesex County Connecticut rabbits

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Rabbits are territorial and if she thought that another rabbit was invading her space she might react in an aggressive way. The biting is a little unexpected but the growling or grunting sound you heard would be what we expect from an agitated rabbit that feels a stress from another unfamiliar rabbit.