found zarhipis beetle larva in grants pass

Asked November 6, 2016, 11:24 AM EST

Hello, While 'bug hunting' with grandson found a strange bug/larva eating a millipede and upon looking it up found it to be a zarhipis beetle larva. Are these beetles native to oregon and are they friend or foe? Thank you, Penni

Josephine County Oregon insect issues

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Yes, these glow-worm beetles are very common in western Oregon.

Thank you so much for your quick and interesting response. My Grandchildren are super curious about this larva and the beetle and would like to know if these glow-worm beetles (or the larva) are poisonous? Do you know if either bite? I appreciate you time and sharing of knowledge!

By poisonous I assume you mean venomous, in other words can they deliver toxin in a bite or sting. The answer is no. However, they might be poisonous (toxic if eaten) to their potential predators. I don't think either stage bites but any large insect is capable of delivering a pinch, especially to young hands. Be sure to google "glow-worms" or "glowworms" for more info.