Freedom apple bark eaten

Asked November 6, 2016, 10:05 AM EST

Freshly eaten bark on trunk of Freedom Apple. 3/4" caliper, 8' tall. Starting 8" above ground up to 24". Bark off 1/3 dia.chewed an additional 1/3 Dia. Should have wrapped with a cage. What did this? Is it going to die? Anything I can do to save? Mt Washington, Baltimore City

Baltimore Maryland

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In general, young trees about 1-4 inches in diameter with smooth bark are susceptible to deer rubbing. Larger trees are usually not a target. To protect trunks wire mesh or plastic wrap can be used. Make sure that any protection can expand as the trunk grows.
See our website and link for more information on deer rubbing. You will have to monitor the growth of the tree. You may have to replant.