How to get rid of stinky bugs?

Asked November 5, 2016, 5:30 PM EDT

It has been 3 years, stinky bugs ate up our Asian pears that made them deformed. I used stinky bug traps without any success this last summer. I need help. We do have a huge maple tree in the yard. Thanks in advance! Tsu-huei Liu

Clackamas County Oregon

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It sounds like you’re having problems with brown marmorated stink bugs, Halyomorpha halys, commonly referred to as BMSB. I’m sorry to learn about your damaged Asian pears. Pears seem to be a favorite food in home gardens. Management for home gardeners is based on watching for, and dispatching these invasive insects and their eggs when they are seen on crops which may be attacked, among the peas, beans, pears, and apples.

Another problem occurs during fall and winter. They gather on the south or west side of house during relatively warm weather but, when temperatures drop, will move into the wall void, the space between the indoor and outdoor wall. Far too often, they come in indoors. The people who live near wooded areas tend to have the largest populations. Pesticides don’t work.

To keep them out, seal and caulk all potential entries such as cracks in the foundation; repair or replace damaged screens; and/or apply weather stripping around doors. If they get in, flick into soapy water. If they are numerous indoors, set up this simple trap in a dark room at night: Shine a desk lamp onto a tray of slightly soapy water; empty in the morning and, then, repeat the next night.

When large quantities of BMSB are aggregating outdoors, a wet-dry shop vacuum is a useful tool.

To learn about life cycle and stages of BMSB, go to Click the second link (Life Cycle) to see pictures of the egg clusters and the various life stages. Eggs are laid on the undersides of leaves; squish them when you see them.

To report the BMSB at your place here in Oregon, go to Once there, click the “In or around a home or structure” button at the top left of the page, which will take you here:

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