November seeded lawn

Asked November 5, 2016, 12:29 PM EDT

After digging up part of our yard for utility work , utility speed black dirt, grass seed and covers w other a wood fiber mesh blanket. Instructions say to water, but with seeding in November, how should we care for area? Water now or wait for spring?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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See the link below for information about dormant seeding of the lawn. Ideally, this is process is started in cooler weather, so that the seed does not begin germinating right now instead of in the spring. Ideal temperature for grass seed germination ranges from upper 50s and above, though this can vary. So dormant seeding recommendations are to wait for average highs in the upper 30s to low 40s before putting seed down. It is important to water well at that time. I'm not seeing specific guidance for your situation, but it makes sense to wait until later this month to water your seed (mid November to late November). Depending on when the seed was put down, and available moisture, you may still have some germination that occurs this fall. And if it rains you don't have any choice about this timing. You will likely need to still put down some additional seed in the spring if any bare spots. Depending on when the grass seed was put down this fall and when we receive snow to cover and protect, there is the potential for loss from wildlife taking some of the seed in addition to the loss of any seed that germinates now before winter.’s-still-time-dormant-seed-your-lawn