Help Identifying a Roden

Asked November 5, 2016, 11:53 AM EDT

Hello, I live in rural NC (about 30 min north of Charlotte). My cat escaped this morning and came home with this. It just didn't look like a mouse to me. Is it a vole? Thank you for your help and expertise! Stacy Hulen

Stanly County North Carolina

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Hi Stacy,

Voles and mice are very close relatives, so it can be tricky to tell them apart. One of the biggest visual differences is that mice will typically have a longer tail and more prominent ears. This website has a great picture comparing the two: (please note that is it not an extension - related site and I am referring solely to the picture as far as information there.)

I feel that this is a mouse, mainly because of the smoothly tapering face and muzzle. Voles tend to not have that smooth taper, with a more prominent jaw.

If you need any more assistance, please just let me know!

Thank you! Its tail was a bit long compared to the other pics of voles I had seen. It's ears were what seemed different to me. Whatever it was, my cat broke its back. It drank a few drops of water from a dropper and ate some carrot shreds at first. It was able to use its upper body but weakened as the day went on. It lived about 9 hours and died. Thanks for your help!

You are very welcome. As the weather gets colder, mice will try to secure shelter for the winter (and sometimes this means in our homes!) Because your cat found one, I would be sure to keep an eye out for others that may follow.