Cut all of the bush back?

Asked November 3, 2016, 7:16 PM EDT

I don't know what this is since I am not the one who planted it. A year or two it was beautiful, but now it looks terrible. I began cutting out dead branches and soon realized that ALL of the branches were "dead". There are a few new leaves on the tips, but I feel the whole bush should be cut back and now is the time of year to do it. Am I right? What type of bush is it? I could look up care instructions on the internet if I knew what kind of bush it was.

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

This might be Snowmound Spirea. (Scientific name: Spiraea nipponica.) Do photos online look like what yours did when blooming? If it is this plant, you'll find pruning instructions and videos online. Generally shaping it annually by removing the oldest third of the plant keeps new healthy stems coming. Sometimes a rejuvenation pruning is desired. That means you clip it down one year, letting it regrow and maintaining the pruning schedule in coming years. If you do it with this plant, be prepared for a year without flowers.